Over the years, I have been fortunate to work for the best restaurants in America
and abroad. I learned many cooking tricks from top chefsa nd now, I give cooking
classes featuring wild mushrooms. The selected recipes are simple and don’t need
exotic herbs, spices nor culinary expertise. They also can be adapted to your desired
tastes. Wild mushrooms have their own flavors and will enhance any dish or sauce.
Just by following a few suggestions, your dinner will be special and memorable.
Don’t enslave yourself to entertain. Have fun and just keep it simple.

Recipes By Mushroom Type
Keep in mind that you can always substitute one mushroom for another
depending upon season and availability.

Morels March to July
Chanterelles August to January
Domestic Porcini April to July
Lobster Mushrooms July to October
Matsutake September to November
Black Trumpets November to March
Yellow Feet November to March
Hedgehogs November to March
Truffles November to March
Huckleberries August to November