For your introduction with truffles (1 oz), I would recommend the following 3 very simple procedures:

1- Chop 1/3 of the truffles finely and mix them with 5 or 6 eggs. Whisk and refrigerate the night before you intent to make your soft omelette or soft scramble eggs .White truffles don’t need to be cooked long if any at all.

2- Chop 1/3 of the truffles and sprinkle them or shave them on pasta Alfredo .They, don’t need cooking, the pasta heat is enough.

3-Make truffle butter: buy 1 pound of salted butter and at room temperature, whisk it with the last 1/3 finely chopped truffles. Store in small containers in your freezer. Use the butter with your morning pancakes or on top chicken, fish or vegetables.

Of course, paper thin truffle shavings are beautiful and tasty but you will need more than one Once for that. Grouping order with friends is always a good idea as shipping will almost be the same.

These recommendations are for 2 people


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