Since 2004 Mushrooms All Year has been offering a distinct line of wild
mushrooms. We also offer a line of dried and fresh mushrooms depending
on the time of season. Wild Morel, Chanterelle, Lobster, Truffles, Matsutake
and Porcini mushrooms are most commonly sold. Remember, price varies
according to season and availability. Please call for current market prices.

We offer special wholesale prices for orders of 6lbs or more.

If you are a food service professional, we invite you to contact us to set up a
wholesale buyer account. Wholesale buyer accounts are available only to
qualified buyers who purchase in volume. You must supply a valid Tax ID
number or PACA when submitting your application. Wholesale orders cannot be
placed online. For a credit applications click here.

If you have any questions or would like to submit an application please
contact us at:

Office: 541.535.6562

Cell: 541.973.6595